NW Investment Properties LLC
Innovative Real Estate Solutions
Our goal is to help people get into properties they want or to help people
get out of properties they either don't want or can no longer keep.

If you or someone you know is facing foreclosure or other hardship
related to a property, Don't Wait!!  Call us NOW!  We can often STOP
foreclosures in 72 hours.

Welcome to NW Investment Properties. We are real estate investment
specialists. NW Investment Properties is Investor and Broker "Friendly".

We specialize in all aspects of real estate investing from Residential
Wholesale and Retail Investments to Rental Property to Renovations to
Financing Solutions  required to be successful in the business.

We are also probate specialists helping heirs and personal representatives
deal with the complex issues of managing the real and personal property of
an estate.

NW Investment Properties is dedicated to providing possibilities for home
buyers and home sellers in the real estate market when the traditional
methods fail to meet their needs - such as: opportunities for home buyers
seeking alternatives to bank loans to purchase a home or condo, and
solutions for home sellers whose houses have not sold in the traditional
market. We also help renters own their first home with almost no money
down! We are proud to successfully helped several people through our
"Lease To Own Program".

Call us TODAY! We look forward to working with you soon.
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